The Love Lost EP

by Phokuzd

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The EP
The Year of Four Emperors comes out
late 2012-early 2013.
This music is about life and love and all the trials therein.


released November 21, 2012

Beautiful Women
Canya Reial




Phokuzd Detroit, Michigan

An ear for music and a knack for wordplay may just be the signature for one of the hardest working unsigned artists coming out of the Detroit metropolitan area! Since his 6th grade econ class, Phokuzd (also known by monikers PITA and TenEightyP) has been bringing the skill of a true poet to the hip hop world. ... more

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Track Name: Trappin To A Trilli
Ain’t no Nuvo, ain’t no Rose
Bitch this is boss mode, I’m Keyser Sose
You just usual suspect asking questions like whats next?
My nutsack, but wax, we dont plan we just flex
FAME gang groupies get quickies honey its just sex
You mad, get glad bags no apologies on the upset
Last Real on the upswing, you know what it must mean
Party favors to my table you must bring, adjust wings
Trapping like is eighty nine, play and grind
Lately I’m avoiding hanging if you waste my time
In the stu just getting stupid lifted with the homeys
War like my pen is a sword and I’m shinobi
Court man these words are the ball, nigga I’m Kobe
You somewhere in the convo, Manu Ginobli
Yo a nigga fresh up out the jungle, nigga Mowgley
Nigga I am cold bitch I deserve a trophy

Sick of being broke so I’m trapping to a trilli
Niggas know who the dopest nigga in my city
Shoutout to my homeys that was always down with me
Hit a couple blunts hit the streets and clown with me

Klarifeye nigga, T-Y nigga
LOFTY87, Yakub, nigga ride with us
That nigga Rob hit us up and now we made a set
And the year is coming for me nigga place a bet
Kind of beast who doctor beats bitch I’m a vet
It’s just common sense i cant fall ho its not a net
Balance out my demons with the medical i smoke on
Nigga say whatever but I’m never one to joke on
Think cause I smile that I’m nice but I’m crazy
No doo rag but a nigga still wavy
Thinking on some brown skin, pretty little lady
Only after success its sucks if she plays me
Gravy I do it solo man my dolo got me too hype
I’m trying to do right nigga need a new life
Building foundation they just break away like two ply
I think these dark clouds should follow a new guy