Love Lost 2

by Phokuzd

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The Love Lost EP was an exploration of expressing the longed for adoration on many different levels. The Love Lost 2 was quite literally pinned to produce the opposite effect!

Without further adieu,


(All Tracks except "APEX" and "Alpha Male" were produced by TenEightyP)


released February 14, 2014

Pretty Women,
The Bullshit,
The Struggle,
The ever faithful pen
and pad,
TyKoon for the mix!!,
Me on the Beats,
Joey Bada$$

and my environment



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Phokuzd Detroit, Michigan

An ear for music and a knack for wordplay may just be the signature for one of the hardest working unsigned artists coming out of the Detroit metropolitan area! Since his 6th grade econ class, Phokuzd (also known by monikers PITA and TenEightyP) has been bringing the skill of a true poet to the hip hop world. ... more

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Track Name: BONDS
We been like homeys for a long while
So I know it be no issues if I hit you wit the phone dial
I got a call that said its going down
Disloyal is a sickness I witness lately its been going round
I need a cash advance so I asked my man
He had a plan to put a mass in hand
And instantly I hit you up lets hit the streets
Like back when you know where we can get the heat?
And a whip something fast yo to ditch police
I need success to suggest we fail its it for me
The precint got it in for me my infamy
Stretch like these freaks when they hit the sheets
Remain silent if you riding the passenger or you driving
My senses focused on business, I dont need nothing heightened
Yo my life is on the line either way for the dough
What's the word, son, let me know

I got your message and I bugged out
Heard you was plugged by your mans playing a cub scout
Fuck doubts I'ma lay his soul to rest
Get smoked and I dont mean getting stoned to death
I'm in the crib with the clones snatching phones
Out the walls leaving notes say you going out west
Factually the dirt yo destination quick with no hesitating
Adjust my patience hit my mark knowing the fed is waiting
For me to slip I see the shit as easy to do
I got a rollie when i told him what you need me to do
And speaking of you he said he won't be needing the loot
Leaving bodies where they lie after preaching the truth
I know that baby in the womb is yours
But you was married to the game left out without a true divorce
The righteous soul and you the source
For you I risk my life pursue the course, follow through with force
Track Name: minerals (flyin free)
Eminem is my rap god, guess my city's Olympian
Home of real niggas that trap god, hate in the heart of many men
Coppers, robbers, its like cowboys and indians
My peace pipe at this pow get passed around until it ends
Peoples acquaintances, lately I dont keep many friends
Trust few, but fuck you if you lustful when we skin to skin
I seen bad bitches put in the wind, trying to scrape my dividend
You aint trying to be my bitch so why you all in my business then
High hopes for my millions fuck dollars assets
Spending money on me and the down ones have sex
Time spent on mad jets, add it up, math test
You aint getting a ring boo you still aint seen no cash yet
check for phat ass chest, pussy facts no bassinette
I love kids, dont have kids and still no rush to have em yet
Might fuck with your baby moms she cant be my main though
Never strapped down, its nowhere that I can't go

Flying free and I'm high indeed
Invite your girls and light the weed
I'm sucker free drama free
So you should fuck with me, you right for me
Well tonight at least what I'm trying to see
You into me I can get into you
As we fall fresh to this stoned off of my minerals

I call this shit Oliver what I twist have you like more please
Smoking on a fatty but an english chap might call it portly
And I'm money hungry dont short me, spend more and endorse me
My anger turnt to a fit of rage skin numb as one shot of morphine
These days its hard to afford dreams wide awake mind on more things
Than I ever had in my lifetime, thanks to those who support me
Cause I'm wreckless when tested they dont know what force means
Cornered til I fight back I got no firm for my sports team
And you might learn what that rhyme about, gone ahead find it out
Laughing at my passion I find a smile when guys try to doubt
Success is the best revenge expect to win when I grind this out
Patience steady waiting no fuck that dog the time is now
Holmes I'm trying to be humble after all that I had to struggle
Lost who said they was homeys no extra hands in this hustle
Fuck friends yall family for all with me that you come through
So when I hand you that check you can bet it come off my muscle